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ShaSS Public Data Catalogue

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Shapley Supercluster Survey: ShaSS Public Data Catalogue

The Shapley Supercluster Survey (ShaSS, z~0.05) covers a contiguous area of 260 h^-2_70 Mpc^2 including the supercluster core. The project main aim is to quantify the influence of cluster-scale mass assembly on galaxy evolution in one of the most massive structures in the local Universe. The survey includes nine Abell clusters (A3552, A3554, A3556, A3558, A3559, A3560, A3562, AS0724, AS0726) and two poor clusters (SC1327-312, SC1329-313) showing evidence of cluster-cluster interactions. Optical (ugri) and near-infrared (K) imaging acquired with VST and VISTA allow us to study the galaxy population down to m*+6 at the supercluster redshift. A dedicated spectroscopic survey with AAOmega on the Anglo-Australian Telescope provides a magnitude-limited sample of supercluster members with 80% completeness at ~m*+3.


Fig. 1 - The 23 1 sqdeg VST fields mapping the ShaSS region. Red dots indicate the supercluster members in the range V_h=11300-17000 km/s taken from literature. The size of the dots are proportional to the K-band flux. Black crosses show the cluster centres. The 10 Mpc radius dotted circle encloses the supercluster region believed to be dynamically bound. The Shapley supercluster core corresponds to fields #3,8,13. The positions of all structures present in the plotted area in the given redshift range are indicated.



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